Dennis Parker (Wade Nichols) - Like An Eagle

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Wade Nichols, aka Dennis Parker, (October 28, 1955 – January 28, 1985) was an American actor and singer who started his acting career in pornographic movies.
His first feature film role was probably in the 1975 gay adult film Boynapped!. He subsequently appeared mostly in straight porn films shot in New York such as Barbara Broadcast, Jail Bait, Summer of Laura, Punk Rock, Marishino Cherries, and Teenage Pajama Party.
In 1979, using the name Dennis Parker, he recorded a disco album on Casablanca Records titled Like an Eagle. The album was produced by Village People creator / producer Jacques Morali. The title track was released as a single, and appears on the 1994 box set The Casablanca Records Story.
Also under the name Dennis Parker, he was known for playing Police Chief Derek Mallory on the soap opera The Edge of Night.
Halli Civelek tók saman nokkuð skemmtilegar karakterlýsingar á söngvaranum, sem hann fann á YouTube kommentum við tónlist Dennis/Wade.
"dennis and i dated for 6 yrs,it was my pic on his wall.we were a fixture at the eagles nest. this was all b4 hes got famous. He worked as an artist at simplicity pattern co on madison ave,2 blocks from our apt, and if ya really wantsome new ,he paid $75 a month for that apt on a 5th floor w/0 at 25 east 38th st,did all the built in himself."
tadziosquest1960 2 years ago

 ‎"Wild. I had sex with him once and hung out with him a bit. I'm a guy (I'm assuming you are female from the screen name). He was open to everything. Fascinating man. Complex personality and totally charismatic. And a sweet soul. Glad you spent some time with him. Did he still have his motorcycle?" 
bozron 2 years ago

 "I dated Dennis briefly around the time this darling video was made. He was super into birds back then. We'd often drive upstate to go birding and he just tickled me with all sorts of bird facts. It was so like Dennis to love everyone." 
JaneAstron 2 years ago


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