Ég var að fá þetta myndskeið í pósti. Það er alveg stórskemmtilegt. Ég ætla að leyfa höfundum þess bara að útskýra þetta sjálfir:

"Glass and a Half Full Productions, the clever people behind the genius adverts such as the Phil Collins drumming Gorilla, The Racing Airport Trucks to the Kids dancing Eyebrows has launched Glass and a Half Full Records to bring some musical magic to Cadbury Dairy Milk’s campaign celebrating their Fairtrade certification.
Cadbury has been sourcing cocoa from Ghana Cocoa Farmers for 101 years and Ghana is the heart of Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Fairtrade cocoa. In homage to this relationship it was obvious that the track would feature one of Ghana’s hottest music superstars, Tinny.
Working with 2009’s most exciting producer Paul Epworth (the man behind records by Florence & The Machine, Friendly Fires, Jack Penate and The Big Pink) has produced an exclusive track featuring Ghanaian MC Tinny for the latest Glass and a Half Full Production from Cadbury Dairy Milk, which celebrates Cadbury Dairy Milk becoming Fairtrade certified.
So Epworth teamed up with Tinny to produce a track called Zingolo which is the soundtrack for a dazzling music video. The track and 5 minute video promo were all inspired by Ghanaian culture and the love for music. Shot on location in Ghana it involves local communities, cocoa farmers and some of the hottest Ghanaian dancers."
Lagið er svo til sölu á iTunes, ekki að það geri flestum ykkar neitt gagn.


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