Daniel Rossen

Ég hef postað lög frá þessum áður einsog coverið á deep blue sea og svo no one does it like you með hljómsveitinni hans,department of eagles. Hérna er nýtt cover sem hann gerði. Alveg crazygood, hann er snillingur maðurinn. Þetta lag var víst afmælisgjöf frá honum til vinar síns í grizzly bear. Eftirfarandi er af heimasíðu grizzly bear:

“For a good year I’d been pestering my band-mate Daniel to do a cover of the ridiculously cheesy (but might I add very catchy) Jo Jo track “Too Little Too Late.” At first I was bribing him with an old iPod, but no dice. He wasn’t having it. Finally, actually over a year from when I first asked him to, he decided to surprise me and give me a cover of the song for my birthday. He had remembered I wanted him to sing it very seriously, as if he really meant all those lyrics (which, if you know the song, is really hilarious) and he did, and what happened? Well, everyone who has heard it can’t even believe it’s the same song. He turned something so auto-tuned and trite into a really great song. I’ve been listening on repeat”.

Og hlustiði nú.

Daniel Rossen - 'Too little too late' mp3

(P.S hérna er upprunalega útgáfan með jojo)


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