The hit parade in english

Hello to our international readers.

Every once in a while, I hear from people who check into our blog, and like the music we're posting, but can't understand what we're writing. We have on occasion discussed switching the blog to english, because more than half of our traffic seems to come from the non-icelandic speaking countries. What we find though, is that the purpose of our blog is to share some music we like with friends and aquaintances, and we don't really see the point in being another Said The Grammophone or Fluxblog (or wherever you kids think it's hip to steal your music from these days). Sometimes we write a bit about the stories behind the songs or artists we're posting, but often we just write a bit about how the music affects us, what it sounds like or why we think it's so noteworthy. Usually we just try to write cheap jokes and puns about the music though.

In the spirit of this, we would like to invite you, our non-icelandic reading guests, to submit your translations of our blog posts in the comments sections. The less you understand what we're writing about, the better. The best submission each month will recieve a glorious postcard from Breiðholt, the cultural capital of Reykjavik.


halli sagði…

Ég er að skrifa "comment" við það sem þú skrifaðir. Svo sendi ég kannski vinum mínum "permalink" á færsluna. Smelli jafnvel á nokkra "links".

Annars held ég að það skipti engu máli á hvaða tungumáli þið skrifið. Ástin á engin landamæri.
Kippers sagði…
Ahh, it must be nice being bilingual. We don't really *do* languages here in the UK, though, sadly. Although, I might just start writing my own blog posts in Cockney rhyming slang, just to confound my overseas readers. ;)
Bobby sagði…
I always order bilinguini.
halli sagði…
I always buy linguini.
Bobby sagði…
Heyrðu Halli, hver ert þú? Betribrandaralöggan?


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