Afmælisgestur 1

Við eigum ammæli og því fengum við nokkra vini okkar til að skaffa gestapóst. Fyrstur ríður á vað seandonson frá hinu geggjaða
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Being that I don't understand Icelandic, this place is always somewhat of a mystery. I always imagine that the written word here is as beautiful as the music it accompanies, with swirling sentences spinning synth-waves across cold sunlit glaciers or dusty, fragile phrases meandering up down the fretboard of a well worn guitar. The music here always speaks to me in one way or another, but my favorite posts are usually the ones that conjure up the dusty phrases, Laufey's Country Roads mixtape jumping immediately to mind. The thing that really grabs me about that mix is how music that is such a part of my country sounds so different and fresh once it's traveled to Icelandic ears and then back to mine. And of course Olivia Newton John doing John Denver's Country Roads is just incredible every time. Every time.

I'd like to leave with a couple songs that I think fit in well with the company here, both by one of my favorite artists, Mr. Joe Walsh. A man underrated for a variety of reasons, the biggest probably his involvement with the damn Eagles, but despite that, he's a brilliant songwriter and guitarist with a warm, honest one-of-a-kind voice that deserve's a second listen with your fresh ears.

Happy Birthday to all at B-Town Hit Parade, here's to many more!

Joe Walsh - 'Midnight Visitor' mp3
Joe Walsh - 'It's All the Same' mp3


krilli sagði…
The writing? It's not often dusty fragile, sometimes it's swirling though, especially Bobby's.

The kids are great! Your post is great! There's always a mystery!
krilli sagði…
Damn this is nice music.

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