Airwaves #14

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á Pravda / Airwaves Bar, miðvikudagskvöld, frá 11-01

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Many musical outfits are called but few are chosen. Terrordisco is neither.

Sporting an almost unhealthy combination of flashy irreverance and juvenile self-pity Terrordisco has been described in some quarters as being “too cool” to care about other people’s admiration (which ironically has gained it something of a cult following) while skeptics simply maintain that the responsible parties can’t be bothered to think seriously about their music, urging fans to “stop believing the hype.”

Anyone who’s ever been on an Inter-Rail trip across Europe will know just how boring trains can be. But someone who listens to Terrordisco won’t have a clue about that, having presumably been a shut-in for most of his/her life, observing life from a safe distance, voyeuristacially and with an occasional hint of euphoria at the thought of being caught.

Listening to Terrordisco is like eating rocks and shitting gunpowder, subsequently. The music paints iconoclastic landscapes with crude materials such as rusty crossfaders that have a special “rip” to them and 8-track cassettes that have been oven-heated for shrinkage and those lovely “au-naturel” pitch bends. None of this is visible in the live show though, mainly because of fire regulations. No sir, it's just played from a computer.

Brian Wilson has probably never heard Terrordisco but if he would he would probably either like it or dislike it. Such is the way of Terrordisco. Or Brian Wilson.

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